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  • Stay away from suspicious access with fail2ban

    A number of suspicious access to Linux servers happens on the Internet every day. Fail2ban is software to protect Linux servers from brute-force attacks. Installation on Ubuntu Linux server: $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install fail2ban Configuration of Fail2ban: Configuration files are located in directory /etc/fail2ban. An example checks the status & unban […]

  • Install Jailkit on Ubuntu

    If you would like to chroot ssh user, you may installed Jailkit. It is not available on Ubuntu software repos but you can compile & build it in your own. Before we build jailkit, we install the required software building tools first. $ apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake1.11 libtool flex bison debhelper binutils And then, […]

  • Install Fail2ban on Ubuntu

    On internet, sometimes some unknown bots / hackers are trying to login any email / FTP servers available on Internet. Some failure login attempts are found on related log files. We can install and use fail2ban to scan these log files and block some IP addresses for a while. Install fail2ban on Ubuntu $ apt-get […]