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Open source event attendance system – badgeprint

To facilitate our conferences and events for open source community, I developed an open source event attendance system in Django and Python.

Why do I develop an event attendance system ?

We organised technology conferences and events for years, we tried to use Eventbrite and Google Form to do the guest registration and ticket sales, but we missed the last piece in our workflow: printing badge labels for check-in guests. We also tried to use other event management companies but the cost is expensive for us.

In 2016, I started to develop an open source event attendance system in Django and Python, which connects to Brother label printers to print guest labels for each check-in participant, labels can be sticked on shirts or badge cards. Participant data can be imported from eventbrite, google form, CSV files, or input manually. Check-ins can be done with some mobile QR code scanner for events created on eventbrite, and managed with web interface.

For enquiry about the event attendance solution, please email [email protected].

Event Attendance System’s Source Codebadgeprint on GitHub

Sammy Fung

Sammy is the founder of the Linux Harbour.