Linxu Harbour provides Linux and Open Source technology consultancy services to business organisations.

We uses the agile development model to develop web and mobile applications on the Cloud for our business clients, from the system infrastructure design, big data & analytics, Backend API design, the software development in Javascript, PHP and Python.

The Linux services on the Cloud

We operates and manages our Linux Cloud Servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linode and other Cloud service providers for our business clients and our own web services.

To promote Linux & Cloud starter solutions, we provides basic web hosting and domain registration services at the economy pricing to kickstart quickly and enjoy.

The on-site & remote Linux services

We provides the Linux server installation services to our business clients on their Dell and IBM servers for various business applications, for examples, file servers, email servers, cross boundry networking servers, application servers, cluster servers.

For running Linux servers, we provides remote management & maintenance services through SSH to solve the most of system maintenance service requests. For any unresolved issues, we provides the additional service with the on-site visit.


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