Cloud Servers

Linux Harbour provides the support service for Linux Cloud Servers running on the AWS and Linode.

From USD 10 only

The monthly subscription of the basic support package is starting from USD 10 for one cloud server with 1GB memory, 25GB virtual storage, one-off system installation, and the email support.

5% discount off offers to the annual subscription starting from USD 114.

Promotional Package at USD 216

  1. a Cloud server with 2GB memory and 24GB virtual storage.
  2. one-off installation of Linux Operating System (We recommend Ubuntu) with Web (WordPress on LAMP/LNMP) or Email (Postfix + Dovecot).
  3. Original Price: USD 240.
  4. Promotional Price with a 10% discount off: USD 216.


Please email to [email protected].

Terms & Conditions

  1. 100% pre-payment is required.
  2. Starting from 1TB monthly data transfer is included.

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